August 21, 2008

so a lot of you might have just fund out that I’m in Montreal_ and in fact_ i am in Montreal_ having another one of my adventures_ I am very glad that i took this course_ but not so glad that i didn’t et to talk to many of you_ a lot of you in fact_ i like using the words in fact_ any who_ i am sure we will see each other around school for the new semester and i will be glad to say hello_ so enjoy the rest of the days you guys have left for summer and good luck with all of your endeavors_ and good luck and congratulations to you Suzi_

thanks all_


ten_booklet project

August 14, 2008

So this is my book project everyone_ it was a very tough procedure to do especially since i had to start thinking about doing this without even knowing what to do in In design_ My project is not about bikes and has nothing to do with them_ so i am quite proud of myself_ This is about a trip that i took to Victoria with my girlfriend and one specific day when we went out with our friend and had a full day of adventure_ non-stop, one way ticket please_ so here is the pdf file to that_You guys also have to remember that the ordering system of the pages is different_ so you have to imagine the correct pages to be side by side_

Book Project <-PDF

I had many look at books that helped me understand this project a whole lot better_ one of them being:
“The naked truth about uncoated paper” which is produced by Mohawk Fine Papers

it is the one with the circles on the cover_

it is the one with the circles on the cover_

I also looked at the old ‘Woo” magazine that our school used to print_ the ones in booklet form_ and many booklets from a company called “Veer” http://www.veer.com_ i get these booklets mailed to me often_ and you guys can too_

This project was very challenging and I think that if i ever tried to do this again i would have liked to team up with someone else_ just to see what the final product would look like and also the different types of obstacles one has to face when in creating something as a collaboration_ I am very pleased with my final print out and Eduardo is an amazing person to work with at the DOC_


August 5, 2008

So i put my poster up near the VAG on the corner of Giorgia and Howe_ i put it up there because it is a central location in downtown Vancouver_ also many cyclists past by there daily_ it is also the meeting point for the next critical mass_ i thought it would be a good place to post the first one up_ here’s what it looked like_ before i took it down when i realized it was my only print and i need it for class_

8_Poster Final

July 31, 2008

so after last class i decided that i needed to work on this a bit more and with the help of Suzi this is what i came up with_

I wanted to make the logo personal_ that’s why i used my face for it last time_ i thought that by using my face it wouldn’t give the message of this event_ its an event for the people and something we all have in common are the gear rings so i updated the logo to a cog_ i added the lightning bolt to represent speed of course_ even though everyone goes really slow_ and “quik fixx crue” again is the name of the group of people i bike with_ I made science world have more detail and made it look like science world instead of a ball with scribbles and on a pedestal_ i made the smoke coming from the car look like a skull because its poisonous and toxic_ i think it looks silly and funny_ and i also improved on what the car looks like_


July 29, 2008

So this is what i came up with for my final poster design_ I wanted to let people know that this is an event which is happening in vancouver so i incorporated science world in the bac ground_ i also made all of the bikes seem as though they were stacked one over the other_ i wanted this because it makes it seem very dangerous and unrealistic_ two of the feelings which i got when riding in critical mass_ its very dangerous because motorists get very violent and frustrated_ and its unrealistic because there are so many bikes!_ i added the image of a car to make it seem as though the bikes can overtake it_ makes it seem less powerful_

i added the necessary information for the next critical mass as well_

at the bottom i decided to use my face as the logo_ just because there isn’t really a logo for the real thing_ its more of a things which people have created_ the letters QFC stand for “quik fixx crue” which is a small group of bikes of people who im friends with in a group?_ i feel like that last sentence didn’t make sense_


July 25, 2008

Since critical mass is on friday_ tomorrow_ i think i will be making my poster design on that idea_

its basically a whole bunch of bikes (so many i can’t even count them with my fingers and toes combined) and they just ride around the downtown, east van, west van, areas_ and traffic gets stopped and other such things_ like people getting hit by cars and cars being hit by bikes_ and going really fast_ and falling_ and having a good time with friends_


July 22, 2008

so here is the last image i created for the first project_ i wanted this oe to male the cog seem like a holy object_ i think thats because the last image i worked on made me feel as though as i needed to add something in the center of it_